Collecting Information
Our website can provide you with customized information about Malaysia products and services. To provide you with appropriate service, we request information such as:

Birth date or age
Marital status
Contact information
Credit card information

However, when you visit our website, you control the nonpublic personal information provided to us. Refer to Using Information for a description of how that information might be used.

From everyone who visits our website, we collect:

Type of Web browser
Computer operating system
Internet service provider
Identification of any referring site
Areas visited within the site
Date and time of access

This information is not tied to any personal information we have obtained from you but is tied to a cookie that identifies your machine as a unique visitor.

Using Information
We use the information collected to process transactions and to provide service you request. For instance, we may use the information to provide quotes or cost comparisons, answer questions or concerns and provide information in a timely manner. We also use this information to contact you about other products and services from Malaysia, or our affiliates, in which you might be interested.

By learning more about you, we can deliver more relevant information about products and improve our customer service. This information may also be used to improve and customize our website’s content, layout, and services in order to enhance customer service. For instance, if you provide us with your age and/or gender, we place a cookie on your machine and on your next visit, personalize the message displayed.

If you login to the secured portions of our website, we use a cookie for session management. This enables us to avoid asking you to login again as you move from page to page.